Our Mission

There are relatively few opportunities for Canadian students to engage with legal advocacy. While there are annual mock trial competitions hosted by various organizations, these competitions are few, and largely localized.

As a result, many school’s with active mock trial clubs are left with little to do throughout the rest of the year. Meanwhile, there are many other schools where mock trial is almost unheard of, but whose students would no doubt benefit from learning about the law and putting it to practice.

Dominion Mock Trial will address this current shortage, by develop a thriving mock trial ecosystem in Canada, from coast to coast, and hosting the premier mock trial competition for high school students from across the country.

Our Objectives

  • Educate students on Canadian legal system, including our constitution, criminal justice system, and relations with the land’s Indigenous peoples.
  • Raise awareness of current social issues and the intersection between law, justice, and society, with an emphasis on access to justice.
  • Exposure students to the excitement and challenges of legal practice, along with the development of effective advocacy skills.
  • Give students experience in collaborative group work and project management, and the opportunity to connect with peers and mentors in a professional setting.
  • Further students' understanding of the challenging issues of today, and inspire an eagerness to better our world through advocacy.

Our Methodology

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Dominion Mock Trial. The world is quickly changing, and students must be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Some the ways we will implement innovation into our model include:

• A strong emphasis on the role of technology in collaborative groupwork.

• The application of human-centered design in our learning materials, and the use of online recordings and visuals to augment reading materials.

• Organizing virtual scrimmages between teams across the country, both through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

• Cases centered around highly relevant social issues, with the hope that the students we educate today will help come up with the solutions to these issues in the future.