On a dark summer's night, a mysterious fire breaks out in a decrepit building.

Several of the squatters, who had been living in the building, are rushed to the hospital due to smoke and chemical exhalation.

The prime suspect behind the crime: Ryan Lucas, a real estate mogul by the light of day, but according to some, is a slumlord with a history of shady practices.

But why would Ryan Lucas burn down his own building? What is the true source of the fire? Does the prosecution have enough evidence to convict?

Dominion is proud to present the 2023 College Cup, an online mock trial competition designed to bring together university and college teams from across Canada in a series of thrilling courtroom showdowns.

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Welcome to Canada's National Mock Trial Championships for University & College Students

The Dominion College Cup was founded in 2021 as a way to bring together mock trial enthusiasts from across Canada and the world, and is designed for post-secondary students looking to develop their advocacy skills and challenge themselves in a competitive setting.

The competition is open to students of all experience levels, with informative seminars hosted by legal professionals to help guide competitors through the case preparation process.

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Teams of 6-12 will participate in 4 rounds of competition, judged by legal professionals and law students.

A CHALLENGING CASE Students will analyze and argue an intricate criminal case, with 6 unique witnesses, including experts, and an array of evidence to examine.


Registered students will get access a variety of exciting events / classes, featuring fantastic guest speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in this competition?

The College Cup is designed for post-secondary students in Canada and beyond. Students do not have to be from the same school to compete.

I've never done a mock trial before, can I participate?

The Dominion College Cup is a challenging competition. However, students with no prior experience have participated in the past - provided they are willing to learn, put in the work, and use the resources provided by Dominion.

For teams that require a coach, Dominion does have a program where we will pair teams up with a qualified legal professional.

Do I need a team?

Students must compete in teams of 6-12, with team members playing the part of both lawyers and witnesses in the mock trial.

Is there research involved?

There is no research involved. Each team will be given a full case package, which will detail all the facts and laws needed to argue the case. Outside research is not allowed.

Which side do we argue?

Each team will argue for both the prosecution and the defence - twice on each side. Match ups will be provided in the week leading up to the competition

What kind of prizes are there?

There are a variety of awards and prizes which are given out at the end of the competition, to the top individual oralists (achieving the highest cumulative score), the top teams, and the finalists.

This Year's Guests

Keynote Speech

Gary Anandasangaree

Sathiyasangaree "Gary" Anandasangaree is a human rights lawyer, activist, and politician, who was elected to Parliament in 2015 representing Scarborough-Rouge Park. He currently serves as Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada.

Gary has been a prominent leader within his community, serving as the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (president), the Canadian Tamil Congress (counsel), and the Canadian Tamil Youth Development Centre (chairman).

Presiding Judge (Finals)

The Honourable Marshall Rothstein

One of Canada’s most esteemed jurists, Marshall served as Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada from 2006 until his retirement in 2015, and he has over 50 years of judicial and legal experience.

Justice Rothstein's work has shaped the Canadian business law landscape, having authored more than 100 judgements and arbitral decisions. He currently works as partner in the tax litigation practice group at Oslers.